Jails are no place for treatment

A recent John Howard report has found that jails do not have the capacity to assist people with mental health or addiction issues. They are unable to provide treatment or even consistent health care for several reasons. Lack of adequate funding and resources, indifference by government, hostility from the public that their tax dollars are going to help “criminals”. This is the wrong way to look at this. If we truly want a safe society, those with mental health and addiction issues need to have adequate treatment to address these issues as left untreated, these citizens cost us. They cost us in our health care -emergency services, benefits – social assistance or other financial resources, courts & jails expenditures to prosecute and house them (at great expense). If these citizens are not able to function in society they can not fully participate in society such as holding a job, raising a family, paying rent, and contributing in other ways to their community.

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