Medicinal marihuana

There is a lot of misinformation, especially when you see a dispensary on every corner. Unfortunately,
marihuana is still a controlled substance and possession of even a small amount, under 30 grams you can still be criminally charged especially if you are caught smoking while driving a motor vehicle or close to a grade or high school.

if your marihuana is packaged in smaller quantities you may be charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking (intending to sell) and any money you have on you may be seized as proceeds of crime.

If you are smoking in your parents’ car, or at your house the police could seize the car or house even if you do not get charged.

In order to get proper documentation if you need marihuana for a medical condition do it properly. Here is the Health Canada website.


If you have any questions about your case please call 416-469-3443 or email if you have questions about your own case