Forfeiture beyond the grave

Even if the accused dies, the Attorney General of Ontario can pursue a civil forfeiture order using the Civil Remedies Act, 2001. In the 2020 case AG (Ont) v. 947014 Ontario Inc & Michael Norwood (Estate) the Ontario Attorney General requested forfeiture of the proceeds from the sale of the house and business of the late Mr. Norwood, the owner of the Silver Dollar night club . The AG claimed that this money was proceeds of crime from Mr. Norwood’s drug trafficking. He was before the court on drug trafficking charges when he passed away. In two cases before the Superior Court, the Court recognized that his mother was a responsible owner and gave her a portion of the seized funds. A creditor, with a court judgement in the amount of $125, 000 against the numbered company that owned the Silver Dollar, was also paid from the seized funds

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