Recent Successes


J. M. (YO) charges of Robbery x 3, Theft Under, Fail to comply release orders charges withdrawn, plea to Theft Under ( July 2021)

K. L. Possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a firearm all charges withdrawn. (June 2021)

W. B. Sexual Assault x 2 acquitted on both charges (June 2021)

C. C.  Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (meth, cocaine), fail to comply with release order charges withdrawn (April 2021)

M. J. Accessory after the fact charge withdrawn (February 2021)

C.R. Sexual Assault x3, Sexual Interference x2, Invitation to Sexual Touching -acquitted (May 2020).

L.W. Sexual Assault stayed (February 2020).

S. S. Cannabis Act, charges withdrawn (December 2019).

M. P. Sexual Assault – acquittal after trial (September 2019).

T. L. Assault with Weapon, Possession of Weapon Dangerous -acquitted after trial (July 2019).

A. K. Assault with weapon x2 -charges withdrawn (April 2019).

B. G. Break, Enter and Commit, Possession of Property -charges withdrawn (April 2019).

Z.G. Possession of prohibited weapon, possession of loaded prohibited weapon, search warrant declared invalid (June 2018).

K. T. Sexual Assault, pled guilty to simple assault. (April 2018)

M. M. Robbery, Assault causing bodily harm-charges withdrawn (January 2018)

J.M. Theft Under, Possession of Controlled Substances (charges withdrawn) (July 2017)

Z.G. Possession of Controlled Substance (crystal meth) (acquittal) North Bay (February 2017)

A.G. Possession of controlled substance, utter threats (charges withdrawn) (February 2017)