Store front dispensaries

It looks like July 2020 will see Ontario getting store front dispensaries. As I walk around Toronto, I see some clever dispensary names and smell a lot of marihuana being smoked on the streets. It is still illegal and those caught driving under the influence of marihuana or other drugs face the same penalties (fines, license loss, interlock and increased insurance) that those drinking and driving face.

Impaired by Drugs

Driving while impaired by drugs such as marihuana, results in the same penalties as driving while impaired by alcohol or a combination of alcohol/drugs.

If you are found guilty of being impaired you will have a criminal conviction – a permanent criminal record, you will not be able to drive anywhere in Canada for at least 1 year and will have to pay a minimum fine of $1000 plus a victim fine surcharge. To be able to drive again, you will have to pay any outstanding fines both criminal and Ministry of Transportation fines and charges, pay for and install an Ignition Interlock Device in your car for at least one year, and obtain insurance, which will be very costly.

You may be charged with Impaired Driving because of a RIDE stop, being reported by someone, or a random stop by the police. You could be charged with Impaired Driving, if you are in a collusion, even if it is only you and your vehicle. If you do get into an accident and you are charged with driving while Impaired, your insurance will no longer cover you.

IF you refuse to provide a breath sample, or submit to any eye or walking test, you will be charged with Refuse to Provide Breath Sample and have the same criminal penalties outlined above.

Losing your right to drive and getting a criminal record will have a big impact on your life, work and ability to travel. If you are charged with Impaired, Over .80 or Refuse to Provide Breath Sample, please contact our office right away, so we can properly advise you as to your next steps.

Do not plead guilty until you get advice from our office at 416-469-3443.

Please note, we do not take legal aid certificates for Over .80, Impaired or Refuse to Provide Breath Sample offenses.